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Wide-open office space.

Dad's comments:

Wide-open floor plans for office space seem to be the mantra of "teamwork-crazy" management gurus who apparently believe that all people are extroverts. In my view, these shared-space offices are one of many ill-considered architectural fads of our time.

Has anyone of the management-advisors and architects noticed that people working in open office spaces usually wear ear phones? All of them! The whole day! No one talks. Workers in such offices send each other e-mail (or WhatsUp messages) - even if they sit right next to each other. Serious research has long ago shown that productivity is lower and human well being is significantly worse in such working environments.

It is symptomatic that the United Nations has some years ago decided in its Capital Master Plan to convert most offices in its historic Headquarter Complex in New York City into wide-open shared office space (see image below). This architecture is soaked in an ideology of "chatting" and is a nightmare for introverts.


United Nations Capital Master Plan

United Nations Capital Master Plan: Office Panning Guidelines for the UN in the 21st Century

The Open-Office Trap (The New Yorker, 2014)


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Updated: 3 February 2015