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How to find an intellectual partner.


Dad - I want to find a smart husband?


Dad's response:

If you want to find an intellectual partner you should do the following:

Best time to marry: Around age 28. Focus on your own career until then.

Look for a man who is about 3 to 6 years older! At that age, he will have his PhD or even tenure as a professor or will have established himself in a professional career.

Make sure to become pregnant as soon as possible. At age 28 its high time. Don't believe the nonsense that you can wait till your mid-30s. Your biological clock is clicking. If he doesn't marry you, your child has at least good chances to have received his first-class genes for high intelligence.

If you have your own professional career in the same field avoid to get into direct competition. Don't kid yourself: Very few men can accept that her wife is as good or even better in his professional field. Sooner or later he will get frustrated with your success.

Smart men are often extremely shy (that is why dumb bullies usually get the best-looking women). Smart men may also have mildly (to severely) anti-social behavior. If necessary, make the first step to get a date! You will be surprised how thankful some man are if they don't have to make the first step.

You will find some really smart men at robot competitions, large computer conferences, in "Apple" stores, libraries, or online. (However, be extremely careful with online contacts! You might end up with a psycho or social freak.)

Best place to find a smart man: Get yourself a job in a high-tech company in fields such as biotechnology, electronics, pharmaceuticals, software development, web design, engineering, space technology or medicine. Even if you don't work as a researcher in these companies but in administration or management, chances are high that you will meet some smart men.

If you are smart enough you can try to get into Harvard, MIT, Caltech, or some other top-notch research university or research center. There you will find many smart males. However, avoid the men in your own class: They are competition, not prospective husbands. Focus on older students or assistant professors.

Hospitals are great marriage markets! The high-pressure work environment, long hours, and emotional exhaustion often brings doctors and hospital staff in close contact. If you study medicine it shouldn't be difficult to find a smart man. Even if you can't make it through medical school you might want to chose a hospital for a work place. Liaisons between female nurses and male doctors are quite common, but be careful not to be exploited!

If you plan to work on your own PhD, check out the potential supervisors. Sometimes you find a young ambitious professor who is still single. That is a perfect chance for you to get your hand on an intellectual husband. Don't make the mistake of "sweetly" asking him for advice after a lecture (he knows what you are after). Better attack him openly in class. He will remember your face. You can always "explain" later over a coffee, why you were so aggressive. Of course, if you have grabbed yourself the guy as a husband you need to find another supervisor for your PhD.


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