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How to find a rich provider.


Dad - suppose I would want to marry a millionaire. What should I do?


Dad's response:

If you really want to get yourself a rich husband here is what you have to do:

Check yourself in the mirror: Wealthy or powerful men usually go for exceptionally sexy, stunning women with shapely figures. If you haven't got it, or if you can't fix it, forget it! Some rich men may have married women for their "inner values" - but they are certainly a tiny minority.

Look for a husband who is about 10 to 15 years older! Wealthy and powerful men usually are attracted to much younger women.

Carefully check out the finances of your prospective husband! Don't get blinded by his flashy life style. The "Rolls" or Maserati may be rented and the luxury villa may already belong to the bank. Use expert advice if you yourself have no clue! Some playboys just pretend to be wealthy, but are actually hunting for rich women.

Play naive and vulnerable! The "little girl" image works best with wealthy, older men. Don't believe the nonsense that most men nowadays look for emancipated and intelligent women! It is still a (very) small minority! Men who are determined enough to make a fortune will rarely tolerate a strong and accomplished woman on their side. Of course, rich men also don't want a total bimbo. For that they have hookers. They want a charming, beautiful wife to show off on official occasions.

Go to stock-owner meetings of large companies! If you can't get in, hang around the venue! Check out yacht clubs, polo matches and diplomatic receptions! In museums and galleries you may find men who can afford to spend time with art. You should also make it a habit to attend vernissages - even if you give a damn about the artist. If you are a professional try to get a position in the private office of the boss. It's not a bad idea to get invited to join the Rotarians or volunteer for some charity event. This is where you meet wealthy men.

You'll need to upgrade where you hang around. The neighborhood bar won't do it. Go to the bar in your city's best five-star hotel. Also you should upgrade your hobbies. Learn to hunt, sail or fish! If you can get invited to a hunting safari in Africa or a deep-sea fishing trip in the Indian ocean, chances are you will meet the right guy. Yachting, ballooning or speedboat racing events are also perfect occasions for finding a rich husband. You should also develop some up-scale interests and knowledge - such as in classical music, modern art, literature, or film. You need topics for conversation. Rich guys will not talk with you about their business or the details of their investments.

Never leave the house without full "battle amour" (full make up, fancy cloths, nice hair)! Your husband will expect you to deliver a perfect show. Eat healthy, exercise, dress for success, and practice good personal hygiene.

If you want to have a child, make sure you get pregnant as soon as possible. If he doesn't marry you, he will at least pay for the child. Rich men often marry to have legitimate heirs. If you can provide him with a bunch of kids he will probably respect you more when you get older.

By all means, get yourself a lawyer before marriage to check out the nuptial agreement! Wealthy men will usually insist on such a contract. Don't sign anything, without your lawyer having checked it out first! Don't kid yourself. Wealthy and powerful men will rarely stay with you for the rest of their life (except when they are already in their 80s). Their money and personality give them so many opportunities with other women that lifelong fidelity is rather unlikely.

Don't be too picky on appearance! Very few women have a chance to marry a handsome and wealthy prince or rich and famous actor. Your prospective husband is more likely a short man with a bald head and a little stomach (but a thick wallet).

Sorry for the cynicism, but this is exactly what you have to do, if you want to avoid working yourself, but have a rich husband who can provide you with a high standard of living. Of course, you can make your own fortune by learning a lot and working hard - but you can make it faster by marrying rich.


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