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Why was this website created?


This website is based on conversations with my daughter some years ago. At that time I was living in the United States while she was in high school, college and later university in Europe. On the weekends, we talked a lot on the phone and on Skype, but during the week my work schedule and the difference in time zones mostly prevented such conversations. So I started to write extensive e-mails in response to some of her questions and concerns and we developed an intense e-mail conversation.

Apparently, she must have liked what I wrote, because she forwarded my no-nonsense answers and advice to some of her friends. She called them - slightly ironically - "life lessons from Dad". Her friends were amused and sometimes a bit shocked. Recently, I have decided to publish a selection of the material on this public website, which I called (for no-nonsense answers and advice).

I believe there is an urgent need for plain and sober talk on such matters as love, sex, gender roles, marriage or career choice. Too often these topics are either romanticized and soaked with psychological mumbo-jumbo; or they are vulgarized and dragged into the gutter by pornographic movies and mind-boggling stupid reality TV shows. And they are the favorite topics of religious and cultural fanatics and esoteric simpletons. I thought it was important for me to offer my daughter a different view - a view based on my own life experience as well as on a rational, but still respectful and emphatic, attitude.

What you will find on this website?


No-nonsense, down-to-earth answers to questions concerning personal development, relationships, health, nutrition and many other topics.


Reflections on some of the fundamental (philosophical) problems in everyone's life.


Web links to first-class resources on the Internet that could help to answer such questions.

Who has created this website?


This website was created by Gerhard K. Heilig.


3004 Riederberg, Austria

What you will not find in this website!


Specific medical or psychological advice


Recommendation for medical drugs or treatments


Legal advice

Warning and Disclaimer!


Whatever you find on this website may be wrong, incomplete, biased or useless!

Please do not base any life-changing decision on something you may find on this web site - without checking the information against several other sources and without discussing your problem with your partner, parents, teachers and/or close friends. I am not a doctor, psychologist or psychotherapist. I may have misunderstood some of the information I found on the internet or in books and scientific papers; and my opinions are certainly colored by my cultural background.

In particular, do not consult this web site for any kind of medical or serious psychological problem! Go to a doctor of your choice!

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Updated: 3 February 2015